Stir Up!


The Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus for RE 2013 has been designed with a series of core units, but schools also have to create their own units (SDUs - School Designed Units) to cover half of the materials.  A small group of RE Subject Leaders got together with the Diocese to plan and trial nine Christianity units which, when taught alongside the core units, should cover Christianity in the AS at the primary phase.

The units are available here as pdfs - however, if you would like a Publisher version to work with please contact Shirley Hall (below).  They were issued in draft form in 2013 and have now been adjusted following feedback from the schools which kindly trialled them.

KS1 Units

How can people today be part of the BIG STORY of the Bible?    What is Christian Worship?  Why do Christians say the Holy Spirit is so important?


Lower KS2 Units

Is it Fair?  Why pray?  Why do people go on special journeys or pilgrimages?


Upper KS2 Units

Is the Bible a handbook or a story of love?  What happens when we die?  Who do people say that I am?


Thanks to staff (and pupils!) at the Vine, Cherry Hinton, Bourn, Wisbech St Mary, St Pauls, Holywell, Oakington and Great & Little Shelford for their work on these units.

All questions, queries and feedback about the units to Shirley Hall please

Also available for you to test are a series of POWERPOINTS of ENQUIRY QUESTIONS created to support the Agreed Syllabus.  These may be downloaded below (be warned they are all quite bulky).  All powerpoints have additional support on their notes pages, including references to source materials on ther websites: